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Bare Law is a specialist end-of-life law firm.  We focus on providing just two services – estate planning and estate administration.  

a law firm... with a difference.

Writing your will, or managing a deceased estate, has traditionally been time-consuming, expensive and difficult.  After many years seeing this first-hand, we decided to fix it.  Bare Law was founded to provide Australians with a better (and more affordable) way. 


Our business model lets us be more affordable

At Bare, we don’t have offices, we don’t have receptionists and we use smart technology to replace manual processes.  This means we can deliver high quality service, at an affordable price. 

we offer wills, estate planning and probate services


A will is an essential document that outlines how you’d like your estate to be distributed amongst your family, friends and the causes you care about most. 

Estate Planning

Estate planning is the process of planning of pre-planning your end-of-life, and preparing your estate for handover to the next generation.  Arrange your estate with Bare.  

Estate Administration

Estate administration is the process of managing and distributing a loved one’s estate.  Our team of experts and lawyers can guide you through the entire process. 

Yajaira Appeldorff

Yajaira is a senior Wills & Estates lawyer with 5 years experience.

Emma McConkey

A former aged care lawyer and end-of-life planning expert.

meet our lawyers

Our team of Wills & Estates lawyers and estate-planning experts are here to support you in creating or updating your will, getting your estate plan in place, or simply  answering any questions you have about a complicated topic. 

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