Hello there, we’re Emma & Yaya – the founders of Bare Law

Bare Law was created in response to the frustration we’ve felt about how traditional law firms support families through end of life.  It’s a particularly complex and emotional time, and unfortunately we’ve seen too many professions – including lawyers – take advantage of that.  

Our Wills and estate lawyers have spent many years working in the health, aged care and end-of-life space.  After seeing other industries innovating, streamlining and simplifying, we just didn’t understand why this area of life and law had to remain so complex, overwhelming and expensive. 

So we started Bare Law to simplify things. 

Unlike many traditional law firms, we specialise in providing just two end of life legal services – estate planning and estate administration. Across both these services, our priority is to give you and your family the best possible service – that is simple, clear and efficient – at the lowest possible price. 

By operating online, and using technology to replace some manual processes, we’re able to spend more time on the phone with our customers and significantly improve the time it takes to complete your Will, estate plan or grant of probate.  

Just as importantly, our business model means that we can be up to 60% more affordable than a traditional law firm, for the exact same service, often providing more personalise contact along the way.  We have fixed prices, don’t charge by the minute, and we have absolutely no hidden fees – the price you see if the price you pay. 

If you’re not sure what you need, or you just want some free advice, we’re here to help. 

Emma & Yaya (Founders)

A little more about us

Emma McConkey

Principal & Director

I’ve been a corporate lawyer for over 10 years, working at Herbert Smith Freehills, Regis Aged Care and Medibank. Having a particular interest in the aged and health care sectors, I’ve seen how complicated end of life, and particularly estate administration, can be for individuals and their families. Bare provides transparency, simplicity and value in an area that has been unnecessarily complicated by lawyers for years. I’m genuinely passionate about delivering practical, clear and timely legal support for families navigating the estate administration process.

Yajaira Appeldorff

Senior Wills & Estates Lawyer

I’ve been a Wills & Estates lawyer for 5 years, predominantly working around Melbourne, Victoria. Throughout my career, I have seen how complex wills and estate administration can become. This has ignited a passion to simplify the law for everyone by not only providing a service but also education about Wills & Estates. Bare allows us to offer a legal service that is transparent, simple and friendly, while letting me focus on the technicalities. I’m looking forward to being able to be there for families who find themselves navigating the estate administration process.